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“Faith Partners & Friends of Missions Your Support is needed”


Dear Faith Partner/Friend of Missions:


Thank you for your prayers and financial donations for the forgotten in the Philippines and C.A.B. Global Missions.  C.A.B. Pastors and workers in poor countries count on us as they travel through regions of conflict to let others know that we care about them and spread the word of Jesus Christ!  They travel many times on foot, motorbikes and sleep in the communities to minister and evangelize.  At our own expense, Bishop Carroll A. Baltimore, Pastors and Missionaries from this nation travel to teach Christian principles that demonstrate hope.  


With support from Faith Partners and Friends like you, we also provide food, clothing, education, medicines, pastoral care, school and church facilities, disaster recovery and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the disenfranchised.  We all work together for the cause of Christ.  We know that no one person or organization can do it alone..  


Together our mission ministries continue’s to grow.  In the communities, C.A.B. is still conducting evangelistic and mission crusades.  Hundreds of people have come to know the Lord Jesus Christ. Some have heard the gospel for the first time.  As a result, churches have been planted and operating.  Bible school in two satellite areas were started in 2015, 2016 and are continuing to thrive.  In Tolomo, the church facility was expanded because of the rapid growth in that area…many accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour!  In Davao Oriental, another church was planted and a new Bible Training School started for Pastors and Christian Workers.  In addition, in the Casoon Region, a new Bible Training School was started.  In Tagum City, where the C.A.B. Headquarters church is located, the ceiling and roof was replaced due to the ongoing typhoons and the heavy rainy seasons.  Pastors, workers and students are sponsored.  We are now providing donations for health and food supplies for a Pastor and his wife, who is pregnant, serving in a remote area, that were eating snakes because of lack of funds.


Bishop Baltimore was requested to go to South Africa to minister to Pastors and churches in areas that are dealing with severe environmental and social issues affecting hundreds of people.  As a result, C.A.B. has started Environmental plans to assist them and is developing strategies for future mission work to help the Pastors and people.


C.A.B. Mission Team will go to the Philippines where we have served for over 30 years.  The C.A.B. team will go to assess, plan and evangelize for the future work, as well as, encourage the Pastors, workers and indigenous communities.  The team will take food, clothing to places where the people only get a good meal when C.A.B. comes.  We are asking for your donation today to please help the poor.  We ask that you consider and encourage others to include C.A.B. Outreach International Ministries in their Annual/Monthly Missions’ budget..


In 2015, C.A.B. added a new teachers’ lounge and comfort room.  The C.A.B. Christian Academy in Tuganay and satellite locations continue to educate students from preschool to 6th grade.  We are asking for donations to help us reach our goal to build a High School for the community.  The Academy is consistently commended by the Philippines Department of Education and community leaders for exceptional learning techniques and skills.  The students are cited for academic achievements in competitions and the school receives awards for exceptional education.  Students appreciate Faith Partners that sponsor their education.  Many students are still on the waiting list for entry into our school; however, scholarships are needed as we serve poor families in the Philippines. We are hopeful that your donations will help provide continuous education for our certified teachers.  C.A.B. churches work in partnership by providing Vacation Bible School.  The Tolomo Tutoring School continues to grow and improve poor skills for students.


Please send your donations today.  We appreciate Faith Partners, Friends of Missions and C.A.B. Volunteers that believe and trust that God will continue to bless those who have less than we do.  Please pray because this will be Bishop Carroll A. Baltimore’s 89th missions’ trip that he has provided leadership.  God is Good!  We appreciate your support.


Global Alliance Interfaith Network partner in Mission to help the indigenous and underprivileged children and families.

Donate to C.A.B. Outreach International Ministries

Mission for poor families and children education, health and quality of life.

Mail to: 

C.A.B. Outreach International Ministries

P.O. Box 11538

Alexandria, VA 22312

God Bless you and your family,



Matthew 28:19-20:  Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.  Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you, and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.”

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